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Presentation Documents
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$1,495.00 Includes 200 Monster Flyer Samples & Postal Documents. Documents Emailed, Samples Sent UPS Same or Next Day.
A Non Refundable Purchase. Intellectual Property of Arthur Gottlieb
NOTICE: With inflation it is no longer $5,000.00 for 10,000 flyers printed & mailed. It is $6,000.00. Like everything, paper & ink prices have gone up.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take you to do the ad for me? They are done within 48 hours, usually the same day.
How long before the flyer reaches the mailboxes after it’s full? 14 days on average.
Can I get a sample flyer? No, I’ve sent samples to entrepreneurs that’ve used them to go into business without me. Not fair to me or my potential partners in that market.
What happens if you die? I have 3 sons ready and able to fill my shoes.
What guarantees do I get? None. I send you your samples and email you documents for your presentation folder. After that, I don't know if you will go out to sell ads. You might get busy at your regular 9 to 5 job or in you other business. Or you might have health issues. I hope you go out and sell ads. I make money designing your ads and doing your printing and mailing, so I want you to succeed quickly and easily. However, I do not know if you’ll be prepared when you go out, or if you’re qualified. 
Does It cost additional money to expand into other zip codes? No. Once you sign on as a partner, you can expand as much as you like without charge. When you expand and make money, I make money along with you, so I encourage it. 
How much money do I really need? Only the initial $1,495. You will pay for your printing and mailing ($6,000) with deposit monies you have collected from your advertisers.
Why would these business owners trust me? They don't when you first walk in. It's a building process. You show your sample. You talk ad prices and what they would want in their ad. Then, you advise you will have your graphic artist put something together and you will come back in a few days. Now when you come back with an ad that makes them feel like a million dollars, they trust you. Now, they will give you the deposit money, after you have earned their trust.

Partners Can Order Additional Monster Flyer Samples. 200 Monster Flyers, Delivered via UPS. $200.00 Freight Paid
Ad Design Fee (3 Versions)
Buy 2 ad designs @ $50.00
Ad Design Fee  (3 Versions)
Buy 4 ad designs @ $100.00