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Succeed in Business Part Time!
Succeeding in this business is GUARANTEED, if you follow these instructions!  High school students go around to local businesses and take ads for their schools yearbook. THATS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO. Just take ads & collect money. The students hand the ad information into their teacher. I'm like the teacher. Just email me the ad information. I do the ad design, printing and mailing. You just visit local businesses. MEMORIZE THE "SELL EVERY TIME PAGE" and YOU'LL SELL EVERY BUSINESS!!

The Businesses ALWAYS LOVE your flyer and the pricing, but often are doing other advertising, which their convinced is working for them. They'll eagerly tell you what their doing, and your response from the "SELL EVERY TIME" page will inform them their advertising was NOT good, and was NOT working for them as they believed.  

They'll be in agreement with your response since it's true and makes sense. They now realize they've been wasting their money, and that you're smarter than they are. NOW THEIR ANXIOUS TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR ADVERTISING. There‚Äôs even a response for those that say, they do not advertise.

Visit local businesses, and speak to businesses you're dealing with. Hand them the sample. They'll look it over. The flyer is selling for you as they are reading it. When they look up, they'll ask, where and when your mailing it. THEIR SOLD!  Advise them your mailing it to their zip code, the homes surrounding their business, the best prospects. 

Once you have their interest, tell them you can have your graphic artist (me) make them up an ad (for free) which will enable them to determine whether to go forward or not.  Now go over ad sizes and prices with them. Sizes and prices are printed on the sample. 

Now start taking their ad. You can find ad taking instructions in the photo gallery catagory. You want to go back with an ad that they'll view and tell you, Wow! That's Great! What's Next? I will portray their business as Better Than it really is, SO THEY'LL BE ANXIOUS AND EXCITED TO PUT THIS AD OUT IN FRONT OF THEIR BEST PROSPECTS, the consumers in their businesses own zip code.

 This business is GREAT!   It's like owning a restaurant, and all you have to do is EAT THE FOOD! In this business, all you have to do is visit local businesses and make friends. And, when they see your flyer, They'll Want to be Your Friend.

The Sample Below Makes it EASY!
If You Make Money On Every Flyer You Mail And Print For Me, Why Do I Pay a $1,995 Up Front One Time Payment?  Because Over The Years I have Lost Money. I spend money advertising to reach partners such as yourself. I advertise on Google, Bing, Craigslist, & just to name a few. And sometimes a Partner Will Take 15 Or 20 Ads In Their First Week and then Suffer Health Issues or Other Personal Stumbling Blocks Which I Have No Control Over and quit. Meanwhile I've Spent Hours Designing Their Ads And Money Sending Them Samples And Producing Their Documentation. In These Cases, I've Lost Both Time And Money. I Only Make Money When I Print And Mail Your Flyers And If You Decide Not To Work, I Will Lose Money (Unless I Take My Upfront One Time Payment) which is why it is charged.

Why Do Other Medias Charge $100,000.00 For Their Franchises And You Charge Just $2,000.00?  Because My Partners Provide Me With A Steady Stream Of Income By Printing And Mailing Flyers. Other Media Franchises Only Convert 1 Out Of 10 Of Their Franchisees Into Successful Businesses. So They Need To Make Their Money In Advance, With The Purchase Of Their Franchise. I Make My Money When My Partners Succeed, And 100% Do Succeed when they go to work!    

Can I Get Sample?  200 Sample Monster Flyers Are ONLY Sent To Those That Have Signed On Via Investing ($1,995.00). In The Past I've Sent Samples To People That Started Businesses With Them And DID NOT Use Me For Their Printing And Mailing. Not Fair To Me Or My Potential Partners In Those Marketplaces.

Can I Succeed Without You?  It's Highly Unlikely. My Samples Make success QUICK AND eASY! Besides That, The Designing Of The Ads Is Not Something Most Can Do. Satisfying Business Owners As Well As Bringing Customers Through The Door Is A Skill Set Most Do Not Possess. And Without A Bulk Mailers Permit, You Would Have To Use Direct Mail Retail Which Is A Disaster. Most Mailings Do Not Arrive As Specified And Most Post Offices Don't Even Know How To Accept The Mailings (They Don't Know The Codes They Must Push In On Their Computer). Plus, If The Slightest Mistake Is Made On The Permit Insignia, The Mailing Is Not Accepted. I Use The same Bulk Mailing System Used By National Bulk Mailers, At The Bulk Mail Processing Center (For Permit Holders Only) Whereas Your Mailings Are Always Delivered As Specified And Receipts Are Provided.   

Can I Do More Than 10,000 Monster Flyers?  Yes, You Can Do As Many As You Want. The Price Is Constant Whereas You Pay Exactly For What Is Printed And Mailed. 10,000 Pieces Designed, Printed And Mailed Cost You $5,000.00. If You Needed To Do 15,000 Pieces, The Price Would Be $7,500.00. You Pay Exactly For The Amount That's Printed & Mailed. 

What Makes The Monster Flyer Opportunity So Great?  It's Simple, Straightforward & just plain common sense. You're Provided an Exclusive Territory. You Take Ads For Your Monster Flyer. You Submit Them To Me For Ad Design, Printing & Mailing. It's All Done For You Other Than Speaking With The Business Owners And Taking The Ad Information, PERIOD! I Do 75% Of The Work And You Do 25%. When You're Only Doing 25% Of The Work, Your Chances Of Success Goes Through The Roof!

How Long Does It Take For The Monster Flyers To Reach The Homes when It's Ready For Mailing?  It Arrives In Home In 10 Days After You Advise Its Time To Mail. It Takes 4 Days For Printing And 3 Days To Prepare The Mailing For The Post Office, And 3 More Days To Reach The Homes. 

Can I Sell My Monster Flyer Business?  Yes, It Is Like Any Other Small Business whereas you own 100% of it. The Business And Customers Are 100% Yours, To Work Or Sell In The Future. i do NOT speak with your customers. Your invited to Franchise The Business Model Should You Want To. 

How Much Experience Do I Need To Succeed?  None. If You Can Get Your Sample Monster Flyer In Front Of Business Owners Either By Calling Or Visiting Them, You Will Succeed In This Business.

How Do You Get To $20,000.00 In Revenue?  There Are 25 Double Ad Spots ($199) On Every Page. If You Sold All Double Ad Size Spots You Would Take In $20,000.00. However, The Average Ad Revenue Generated For A Monster Flyer Is $16,000 to $19,000 Because Most Businesses Want Larger Size Ads and the larger the ad sizes the lower the price. 

How Do I Price Ads In The Monster Flyer?  Everything Is Priced For You (See Photo Category). Ad Sizes/Prices Are Printed On The Monster Sample. However, It Can Be Changed According To Your Needs. Custom Samples Can Be Printed At Your Expense Should You Desire Them. You Always Make The Final Decisions.

How Long Does It Take For You To Do An Ad Design That I Have Submitted?  You Have It Back Within 48 Hours. Usually, The Same Day. 
Can I Speak With Your Other Partners?  No. My Partners Are Protected By Me, Whereas I Will Not Work With Anyone Else In Their Marketplace. However, This Does Not Stop Someone Else (such as yourself) From Entering Into And Competing With Them In Their Marketplace. therefore, They Do Not Want To speak to you. There's No benefit For Them In Speaking With You, Only Potential Risk.  

What Makes Monster Flyers A Better Choice Than Other Businesses?  It's the only opportunity you can succeed in with just a couple of hours work each week. you only have to operate a small portion of the business. just visit business owners, show your sample, take their ad information and collect your money, that's all you have to do! 

How Do I Know I Can Trust You?  I Have A Long History Of Successfully Assisting Entrepreneurs Into Their Own Advertising Newspaper And Magazine Businesses Since 2008. My YouTube Channel Has A Million Views With Over 500 Videos On It. Plus, I Need You To Succeed In Order To Make Money. I Earn Money On Every Monster Flyer I Print And Mail For You. I Retired early and targeted Direct Mail Has Been My Retirement Business. The Phone Number I Am Reached At, Is In My Home (954-534-9368). Don't Wake Me Up, I'm On Eastern Time. PayPal and The Credit Card Companies Would Not Collect Payments For Me If I Was Doing Something Unethical. They Would Have Received Complaints And Cut Me Off. If You Still Aren't Comfortable Call Me Up And Let's Talk.

What Happens If I Die?  I Have 3 Sons That Are More Than Ready & Able To Fill In For Me. They Will Most Likely Be Battling Over Who Gets To Profit Off Your Monster Flyers When I'm Gone.

 SELL EVERY BUSINESS!  The Striking Quality And Visual Brilliance Of The Monster Flyer Sample Makes It Easy To Do! Read How To Sell Every Business You Visit. Over 90% Of Them Are Advertising Somewhere, And If You Compare Your Monster Flyer With Whatever They're Doing, You'll Have A Customer. Basically, Your Pointing Out The Problems With What Their Doing That They Weren't Aware Of. I'll Go Through The List Below, And You'll Understand Why They All Sign On To Advertise In The Monster Flyer. 

If They Were In The Coupon Envelopes  I Explained That Only 2 Out Of 10 Opens The Envelopes. I Told Them How I Opened The First One When I Moved Here, But Never Again. I Told Them How My Son And In Laws Never Open Theirs Either. It's A Lot Of Work Going Through All Those Coupons. I Explained The Monster Flyer Ads Are Always Viewed Because It's So Easy To Do. It Only Takes A Minute Or Two To Review The Businesses Ads and Offers On Them, And It Takes Our Brains Just Seconds To Record Their Sales Message. I Explained That When We Mail 10,000 Homes, All 10,000 Homes (30,000 People) will See Their Ad. However, When The Coupon Envelope Arrives, Only 2 Out Of 10 Will See Their Ad. It Made Sense, It Was True, And They Signed On.

if they Were In Big Newspapers  I Explained That Only 3 Of 10 People Get The Newspaper. One For The Sports Section, One For The Classifieds, And Only One Reads Through The Whole Paper If They Have The Time. So, If Their Lucky, One Out Of Ten In Their Zip Code Sees Their Ad In The Big Newspaper. My Monster Flyer Reaches All 10,000 Homes In Their Zip Code. All 10,000 Homes In Their Zip Code Will See Their Ad. 9 Times As Many Prospects. They Agreed And Signed On. The Business Owners Are Successful Business People. When Something Makes Sense, They Act On It! How About You? Will We Be Partnering?

if they were in Ad Magazines  Like Clipper, Home Mag And Others, But 8 Out Of 10 Of These Are Going In The Trash. Who Read Ads, Especially Over And Over As These Magazines Come Month After Month. I Looked At The First One When I Moved Here And Never Looked At Another. They Knew It Was The True And Signed On To Advertise In The Monster Flyer. 
if they Were In Free Papers  That Get Left Around Town. I Started Like That, Until People Told Me They Were Using My Papers For Their Dog And Bird Cages. Some For Packing Materials When They Moved. I Put Them In Public Places And People Would Grab What They Wanted, Some People Grabbed Stacks. Often When I Went Back To Refill The Papers At The Locations Where I Had Left Them, Half Of Them Were Still There. I Would Have To Put Them Back Into My Trunk While Putting Out The New Edition. I Knew This Wasn't Helping My Advertisers And I Hated Doing It, But What Could I Do? Eventually I Started Mailing My Paper. I Explained This To The Guys In The Free Papers And They Signed On For The Mailbox Delivered Monster Flyers.

If they Were On TV  I Explained I Never Saw Their Ad. I Have Streaming Netflix And Amazon Prime, And speed through the commercials on shows i have recorded. My Wife Only Watches The The Religious Channels. Plus There's So Many Cable And Satellite Services Out There, With Thousands Of Channels. What's The Odds Someone In Your Zip Code, Close Enough To Patronize Your Business Watching The Right Channel At The Right Time. Not Good. They Agreed And Signed On For Monster Flyers. 

if they Said They Don't Advertise  I Explained That Spending Thousands Of Dollars Every Month For Their Storefront Was Advertising. Otherwise, They Could Operate For Free From Home. I Explained Since They're Making Such A Large Investment To Be In Business, Why Not Invest A Little More To make sure They'll Be Successful. Just Like Insurance On A Car Or House. I Explained That Not Advertising Is Like Making A Wedding, Hiring A Caterer, Band, LimousinesEtc., And Not Sending Out The Invitation. Who Does That? i explained that advertising PROTECTS their business. their competitors are advertising and often taking thier customers. When I Was Done, They Were In The Monster Flyer.
if they said Everything Is On  The Internet. I Would Tell Them, But Your Not. You Never Come Up In Searches. Only Big Chains And The Businesses Paying For Google And Bing Ads Come Up. They Shut Right Up Because They Knew It was True. Then I Told Them, But That Doesn't Mean You Cant Reach Your Best Prospects, The People Surrounding Your Business, YOUR BEST PROSPECTS, In Their Mailboxes With my Monster Flyers. I Explained It's The Only Guaranteed Way They Can Reach Their Best Prospects. When I Was Done, They Signed On. 

NO COMPETING ADVERTISING COMPETES WITH MONSTER FLYERS!  I Sold Every Business By Explaining What Was Wrong With Their Current Advertising method. They Reached 2 Of 10 At Most, While My Monster Flyers Reach All 10! Either They Drop Their Mail On Their Driveway Or It Gets Into Their Home, On Their Counter, Where They Review It. They Cant Help It. It's So Attractive And Alluring, And Only Takes A Minute To Do. With No Pages To Turn Or Envelopes, Its Inviting. NOTHING COMPARES TO IT! When You Explain The Facts To Them, They Sign On. They Want To Reach 10 Times As Many Prospects. I SOLD THEM ALL! And You Can Too If You Familiarize Yourself With The Facts Just Presented. Present It To Business Owners Your Soliciting In Your Territory Or On The Phone And You Will Be Successful! when their advised they can get a small postcard sized ad delivered to their best prospects (homes surrounding their business) for 3.5 cents per house, (the cost of a business card), THEY SIGN ON!
In Business, Your Only As Good As Your Product  When It Comes To Advertising For Local Businesses, Franchises, Contractors, Home Businesses, Etc., Nothing Compares With Monster Flyers! Be Smart, Partner With Art in the BEST BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY TODAY! call me 954-534-9368 to see if your zip codes are available, don't miss out!